Mission & Vision

Our vision, is “to enable our coaches, judges, athletes & the wider pole sports community the best opportunity to achieve their potential in all aspects of training and development within  Pole Sport.”


Our mission, put quite simply, is “to help & inspire people to further their education and training in safe and effective pole sports around the world.” We look to achieve this vision through our five key objectives as listed below.


1. Pole Sports Focus ‐

We want to help & inspire all coaches, judges, athletes and enthusiasts to enjoy pole sports, by providing opportunities for individuals to engage, develop & realise their training and coaching potential within all aspects of the sport, regardless of their age, background or ability.


2.International Success ‐

We want our coaching and training courses to be recognised, internationally successful and at the forefront of technological  and sports development.


3. Delivering Partnerships ‐

We want to develop strong internal  and external partnerships, at all levels, in order to provide opportunities, structures & support for Pole Sports & the wider pole community.


4. Raising the Profile of Pole Sports ‐

We want to publicise & inform about the full range of Pole Sports coaching and training activities, leading to increased recognition, sponsorship, funding, access & participants for our sport.


5. Coach Support ‐

We want a cohesive, ethical, inclusive & valued coaching system where skilled coaches and judges support polers at all stages of their development.

The EPIC Qualification Programme was created as a response to the rapid and widespread growth of the International Pole Sports Federation, it's national governing bodies and the discipline of Pole Sports around the world. The success of Pole Sports has led to people attempting to imitate the movements of the sport without adequate training, understanding and/or preparation. The IPSF have continued their work with SportAccord and recognition for Pole Sports around the world with the introduction of the first Pole Sports Coaching courses.


A body of highly experienced practitioners, including several of the founders of Pole Sports, gathered together to create a set of coaching standards by which practitioners could qualify to pass on the fundamental principles and movements of the sport accurately, safely and competently. Pole Sports, if practiced well, can be an amazing vehicle for developing physical and mental fitness, toughness and all-round capability. As with any athletic discipline, however, if practiced poorly or without proper guidance the results can be negative and/or harmful.


The EPIC qualifications ensure that any individual who wishes to coach others in Pole Sports will do so in a knowledgeable, professional, competent and safe manner. The global network of EPIC coaches also gives a new coach an existing resource of highly experienced coaches and coaching bodies to support him or her in their development as a coach.


The aim of the EPIC coaching courses is to make Pole Sports accessible to any and all who want to learn around the world, bring the incredible benefits of Pole Sports to a much wider demographic.

EPIC Training

The EPIC qualifications ensure that any individual who wishes to coach others in Pole Sports will do so in a knowledgeable, professional, competent and safe manner. 

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"Brilliant weekend for the youth training course. Thank you and I'm extremely excited to be involved in this. I definitely made the right decision to attend the course before teaching children". - Helen Walker - UK

"The most comprehensive courses in pole sports I have taken, I loved them" - Karrie Johnson - USA

EPIC Training


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