IPSF Level 1 - Certificate in Judging



“Gain an introduction and understanding of the International Pole sports Federation Code of Points and Rules and Regulations.”


The IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Judging is the first step on the EPIC Training Pathway. The qualification focuses on understanding the Code of Points, introducing prospective judges to the judging sections as well as helping them to break down the technical and tactical elements of the scoring system. It is an ideal foundation to the knowledge and skills required in becoming a fully certified judge at Level 2.


Who is this course designed for?


The IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Judging is suitable for:

  • Those pole enthusiasts who are new to the code of points
  • Those wishing to enrol on the IPSF Level 2 Judges Certificate.
  • Those wishing to become an IPSF recognised coach at the WPSC


Those taking this qualification may like to further their own development by attending the IPSF Level 2 Judges Certificate to certify as an IPSF judge.


What level does the level 1 certificate qualify me to do?


The course will qualify the successful candidate to develop poles sports routines in accordance with IPSF requirements for all levels of competition.


Passing the course will allow the participant to apply for World Pole Sports Championships coach status.


This course will qualify the participant to undertake the Level 2 Judges Certification.


 What are the requirements to attend the course?


Candidates are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the course
  • Have some experience of pole sports
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of what is required when executing the elements of pole sports and the technicalities required when participating in it.

In order to help you to decide whether to apply for the course we have provided some self check questions that will help you:

  • Can you identify the difference between doubles and singles pole sports
  • Can you identify the amateur and elite level movements in pole sports?
  • Can you identify the differences between strength and flexibility based moves?
  • Can you describe the differences between elements on a static and spinning pole?
  • Can you identify when an athlete is performing on a static or spinning pole?
  • Can you tell the difference between a spin, pose, trick ,element, transition and an acrobatic move on and off the pole

If you are unsure about any of the information above please do not hesitate to contact the EPIC team.


How is the course delivered?


The IPSF Level 1 Certificate in Judging will be delivered by an accredited EPIC tutor. It will be split into the following phases:

Phase 1- Pre-course study - please note this will take approximately 5 hours and must be completed before attending the three hour tutor led training session

Phase 2 - 3 hour tutor led training (either face to face or via the WebEx online platform)

Phase 3 - Written assessment - Online assessment covering all aspect of the pre-course study and   live training


Throughout the taught programme the theoretical “Understanding the Code of Points” skills are threaded through the technical and tactical “How identify” skills, both by discussion and review of videos. As a result you will have many opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback on the Code of Points skills that you have learnt. You will be assessed through an independent online assessment within two weeks of the end of the course.

Successful candidates who achieve 80% pass rate or more will receive a certificate

Course objectives

On successful completion of the Level 1 Certificate in Judging, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the categories and divisions
  • Identify the role of the judge's team.
  • Identify the 4 sections of judging
  • Understand how to complete bonus and compulsory forms
  • Identify the athlete requirements
  • Maintain high standards of behaviour with athletes, coaches and officials


Demonstrate an understanding of:


  • Code of points.
  • National rules and the WPSC rules
  • Deadlines
  • Athlete and judges penalties
  • Preliminaries, qualifications and finals
  • Working with athletes, attitudes and ethics.




All candidates will receive high quality downloadable resources to support the qualification.  These will include an induction pack and IPSF Code of Points, rules and regulations and resource sheet to support the core learning outcomes.




Booking & Cost


Cost - £40



  • Click on the booking link below and complete the online form
  • Tick the course you would like to attend
  • Click send once you have completed the form
  • You will then be redirected to the EPIC Training Online Platform
  • Complete your details
  • Pay securely via PayPal or with your credit card
  • Receive the automated link to log in and view the EPIC platform

In order to book your course date you will need to apply a maximum of 7 days before the course start date. This is in order to make sure you have read and understood the pre course study material in preparation for the course.  Course dates will not be bookable within 7 days of the course.





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